Health Insurance

Health Insurance For Parents – Secure Your Parents Future!

Secure Your Parents Future!

How many times have your parents saved you from falling from the merry-go-round as a child? Probably you don’t remember the number of times they have helped you in your difficulties and provided you a secure solution that has always worked for you. Now that you have grown up, it’s time to give them the same attention and love they now want from you with choosing Health Insurance for Parents.

Make the Right Choice

 Maximum Cover

The ever increasing health costs signal us to choose a health insurance that gives us maximum coverage. We should analyze this aspect before choosing a policy containing most important features.

Correct amount of Sum Insured

The amount should be decided on the basis of your age and marital status. When we are young, we are healthy and less prone to becoming ill but later when we become old we are required to get our health insured against any medical emergencies. Also when we get married the amount increases as our spouse health is also covered. Therefore, a correct amount gives us the maximum benefit.

Waiting period

A policy that has a low waiting period is always the best. Choose the plan that doesn’t make you wait much to cover the preexisting diseases.

Renewal with age

A policy that has renewal available for person aged 70 to 75 years or more would be the best and a wise decision to make.

Claim settlement ratio

A company that has reputation to settle maximum claims is what you should choose. Thus with high claim settle ratio provided, you would have chance of less rejections.

Sub Limits in policies

Checking the sub limits in a policy is advisable as then you won’t have to shell out money from your pocket. You have to take decision accordingly.

Cover hospital network

One should always choose a network of hospitals near to the parents’ place taking care of their convenience.

Premium comparison

The policy that suits you in every way including the most important part which is your budget should be the chosen one. But do not forget to compare the premiums before you opt for one.

Read reviews

Reviews are the best ways to judge a company. Find out what others say about it and take a decision.

Check for the exclusions

Finally but most importantly check for any exclusion in the policy and how much it can affect your parents if you are choosing one for them. This aspect is overlooked many a times but might affect you later.

Add-on benefits

Check out if there are any add-on benefits in the plan for aged people that you are going to choose for your parents. Right add-on benefits are always good.

As a child we enjoyed every aspect of our life, school, friends, birthday parties, going for the school trips and picnics. But never for once it occurred in our minds how much our parents worked hard to let our childhood be so carefree. The Health Insurance for Parents from Religare Health Insurance is the best one can do to help secure their future and give a sense of good care and freedom!


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